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The Half-Naked Chef

Steve "Woko" Jackson, the Australian TV chef, gives a culinary demonstration that would make Delia Smith's hair stand on end. A non-stop send-up of every cooking show that’s ever been. a chain of events triggering a domino effect-leading to a loop of disasters which self perpetuate one another ad infinitum . A random chain of slapstick blunders that develops into a physical conceit of chronological disaster- with hilarious results.

The Chain

A chain of events, triggering a domino effect, leading to a loop of disasters which self-perpetuate one another, ad infinitum.
A random chain of slapstick blunders that develops into a physical conceit of chronological disaster - with hilarious results.

The Half-Naked Chef

The Australian TV chef who believes in his Wok, his socks, and who'll have a go at a croc! There's no such thing as a Guiness too far for this larrikin Aussie.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2013

- Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

He is not, I suspect, a chef. But he is indeed half naked. Get in early for this performance because some of the funniest stuff happens as The Chef reels in passers-by to join the audience. Those of us who have already taken our seats are treated to a display of top-class street-style theatre with a cast who don’t even know they are in the show.
Once the tiny venue is packed out, we get a demonstration of some recipes from the chef’s book Burnt to a Crisp.
He does something with a cucumber using an old saw, baked beans are mixed with wok-bashed raw onion and sauced with … well come along and see.
The Irish trifle looked delicious and the bloke in the seat in front of me seemed to like it. There was even an unexpected child in the gagging area, but that didn’t stop the fun. Ridiculous. Hilarious.