Small Wonder Tour

Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath your very nose? Let our Tour Director take you into a world you never imagined existed...


Enter the dotMaze where the green hedged walls hold the secrets of the labyrinth…come and meet the characters who inhabit the inner world of The Lost. Once you're in can you find your way out? Can you unravel the tangled mysteries of the Maze? We invite you to Get Lost!

Lost On Earth

Yes, we are not alone! Is this the beginning of an alien invasion or do they come in peace? What shall we do if they demand to be taken to our leaders?

The M.I.S.Information Tent

Lost? Any Questions? The Misinformation Tent will supply (wrong) answers to all life’s questions.

The Dig

Archeology for troglodytes!

The Car Boot Sale

Frighteningly authentic.

Sound Check

A band caught up in a perpetual soundcheck. Will they ever play?!

Lost On Earth

They Have Arrived.

Out of the nether-regions of Orion's Belt...not knowing where they are, or who we are, or what is going on. The alien they come in peace or shall we prepare to be turned into pizza?!

Take them to your leaders if you dare!