The Mobile Confessional

Have you been guilty of a cardinal vice? There are seven to choose from...take your pick then avail yourself of the services of The Mobile Confessional.

News Desk / Sports Desk

23 hour non-stop rolling news. Whatever happens on the street will get reported in depth and discussed at length by our experienced anchorpeople.

The Prawn Stars

"Don't come the raw prawn with me, mate!"
"Chuck another prawn on the barbie!"

These are true blue Aussie prawn stars, ready to prawn up your event!

Zonika & Freed

Meet tourists Zonika & Freed. Let them spread their own warm vibe through your event...because everybody needs a hug and a photo opportunity!

The Autograph Hunters

This gang of star-struck anoraks can spot a celebrity in any crowd - even when there aren’t any! As they roam your event mistaking everyone for someone famous, they make everyone feel special!

The Peter & Jane Family

Full of nostalgic charm, the Peter & Jane family look like they've stepped from between the pages of a Ladybird book. Come with them and embrace life's little pleasures in a larger than life format.

The Referees

These football (or you might know it as soccer...with the round ball!) referees will transform any event into a Cup Final. Expect loads of red and yellow cards, random stud checks, and all manor of football-related tomfoolery.

The Whys

Join this gaggle of lab-coated scientists as they examine, dissect, theorise, speculate and generally behave as you would expect scientists to behave if they were set free to roam!

Unfit Athletes

These unfit athletes cough, wheeze and collapse every few yards on their way to the finish line, providing everybody with the warm glow of being fitter than someone.

dotComedy provide a selection of the most inventive and imaginative work available on the streets...they manage brilliantly to have you intermittently bewildered, intrigued and giggling stupid!

- Jeremy Shine, Manchester International Arts

Zonika & Freed